Heather Larson

Heather Larson

Freelance writer

I write: Blogs; Press releases; Anything social media related; Broadcast news; Journalism. I'm a YA/NA Author. My loves are: writing, Reiki, yoga, wellness, meditation & reading. Poet.

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Please review my resume, current as of July 2017 to give a greater picture of my career experiences.


Can You Trust a Man with a Shower in his Office?

Here's a complete listing of all the men young women don't have to waste their time dating -- because I already did it!

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American Idol served as a launching pad for some contestants' careers while other Idol contestants never quite saw the same success.

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How I Went Veg

*This article ran in "Veg News" magazine, this website auto-fills with only one option. I've never heard of the option provided.

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